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Our Mission ?

... provide you (our clients) with the tools, techniques and processes to make decisions based on data
Whether it’s a strategic review, product recommendation or the full implementation of a business intelligence solution we have the tools and guidance to make your investment ‘Add Up’.

What is abaX and what do we do?

The abaX was the forerunner to the abacus - it was a device used to teach math and work with numbers. Jump forward thousands of years and we have the same concepts and the same need for learning, modelling and aggregating data - Only now we do it with computers. At abaX our aproach is simple, we use Business Intelligence to help you understand and model your business. From the implementation of a data warehouse or reporting solution to embeded forecasting applications, abaX masters the technology to make your investment in data 'add up'

Customer Success

Make No Mistake
Our success relies on You

At abaX Data, we put the right information into the hands of those that need it so they can better understand the forces effecting business, make smart decisions and then go onto monitor there outcomes.

Do not waste your valuable time by manipulating data ... Have it at your fingertips!

Load Plan Modelling

Our Load Plan Solution (LPM) delivers education providers a proven solution for predicting and pricing student activity.

Hosted or delivered at premise, we can have you modelling within days. Fully customisable, we also record business decisions and documents for the entire process, all while you base your model(s) on historic activity. No History or Cold Starts? Don't worry, we've thought of that too!

Business Intelligence

Here's a sobering thought ... what your measuring today will change within months and probally will not even be valid in a year.

So why would you spend more than six months building a platform that's out of date by the time its implemented?

Let abaX show you how our approach can have you up and running within days so that you can start answering those questions now.

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abaX Data is a niche consultancy specialising in business intelligence. We focus on the development of solutions report and model your and simulate business events.

Our staff are experts at delivering systems so that you run your business on decisions based on data


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